◊ Celia H.

* “I attended a workshop 2 weeks ago.”Transformation by Fire.” I was really at the bottom of the bottom, in my entire body and soul, couldn’t make myself go anywhere or do anything, without a HUGE amount of effort. I got to actually see people, whom I had never met before, share their grief, pain, loss, anger, frustration, and guilt. It was personal, but calm. There were different modalities used for PTSD, (which a lot more of us have than we realized). Meditation, dialogues, tapping, music and yes, even dance. Sounds kind of funky, right…  I would have been the LAST one to ever voluntarily go to something like this…

“Well, guess what? I experienced a calming, a grounded feeling. It was immensely helpful, learning how to meditate and be “still,” I mean really still. To listen, really, really listen. No iPhone, no iPad, no pretense, no makeup, no shoes. It was very powerful. And yes, a transformation is in process! But LOL, I am going to be OK…  “Transformation by Fire” helped me get back in touch with what is really important.

I hope all of you affected by the fires, will give “Transformation by Fire” some consideration.”

Celia Hoberg / Cobb, CA