Manaar Azreik ( Zrieq), Co-Founder, Director and Visionary of Transformation by Fire. She is also the author of “The Practice of Trust.

  • Certified, Sound Healer, at the California Institute of Integral Studies CIIS, (SF 2009).
  • Certified, Dialogue for Peace Facilitator, Beer-Sheva University, (2004).
  • Graduated, David Yellin College of Education, a Waldorf teacher, (Jerusalem 2004).
  • 7 times national Israeli Judo champion, and a black belt (Tel-Aviv, Israel 87-1994). 
  • Certified, Judo trainer (Wingete Institute, Tel- Aviv 1992).

I’m a conduit for Self Expression, a harmony theorist, and architect of intention.

My work and my passion are to bring my gifts as a medical intuitive and energy healer to our socially programmed and cultured world.

I offer my energetic wisdom and healing methods for you to experience within your own freedom.  I invite the seeker to explore energy awareness, inner vibrational movements and sound to naturally birth what wants to be set free, awakening you to liberation through authentic expressions.

"Manaar holds an energetic presence that reminds people how to choose a joyous alternative even in the moment of a hardship".      Michelle L.

John Freedom – (EFT) Tapping, Author and Educator

john freedom (2)

John Freedom, CEHP, is a counselor, educator and trainer in private practice in Santa Rosa, California.   The author of Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique, he serves as research coordinator for ACEP, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology; and project coordinator for FREA, Finding Recovery and Empowerment from Abuse.

He holds certifications in EFT, NLP, EMDR and auricular acupuncture, and specializes in helping clients experience greater success, happiness and high-level wellness in all areas of their lives.  A former radio talk-show host and magazine editor, he leads seminars and training throughout the US and in Europe.   For more information, see www.JohnFreedom.com and www.energypsych.org.

Rachel Eyrn Kalish


Rachel Eryn Kalish, M.C. has 30 years of experience working with groups in all stages of anguish, conflict and change.  She has worked effectively with a wide range of businesses and not for profit organizations, with families and communities, and with individuals.

Her own experience with profound loss, spiritual grounding, compassion and practical wisdom have facilitated groups moving from being overheated or shut down to becoming vibrant, engaging and connecting where love and care are liberated and new action is possible. As a certified mediator, Rachel Eryn was the lead facilitator and thought partner in the Year of Civil Discourse, the Bay Area’s pioneering public engagement project that has made lasting and transformational change to the conversation about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She is also a certified meditation teacher and has had a daily meditation and prayer practice for decades. She can be reached through WorkPlaceconnections.com or at 415-289-7079.

Marion Kaiser – Yoga for relaxation

No prior yoga experience is necessary. Safe and accessible for those with injuries or limitations, and benefits many ailments such as arthritis, and high blood pressure. Relaxing and informative, you will experience and better understand ways to cope with the cycles of pain and stress and the effects of stress on the body through low-key yoga movements and breath, followed by a Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is not physical postures, or a random guided meditation. It is a unique meditative method for self-healing that goes below surface tensions to release and transform stress at its deepest level. It is usually done resting on the back, although alternate positions can be used. Ideal for those with chronic pain, anxious thoughts, PTSD, and for those whom a silent seated meditation is difficult to access or endure. If you already have a meditation practice, it is an outstanding complementary approach that invokes deep states of relaxation to support the healing process.

Email: yourpersonalyoga@gmail.com

Website: yourpersonalyoga.com

Ellen Asherah – Sound healer, Reiki Energy Healing, Chi-Gong and NLP

Ellen Asherah is a holistic practitioner who blends modalities for the purpose of healing, wellness, transformation and self-expression, always with an emphasis on sound and vibration. In her practice she combines sound healing, Reiki energy healing, Chi-Gong, Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Massage Therapy. On faculty at Massage Therapy Institute Davis CA, where she teaches Reiki and Sound Healing, and The Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis Santa Rosa CA.
Ellen is a certified NLP trainer, National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programming, a certified Hypnosis Trainer, for both the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, Santa Rosa CA, and the National Guild of Hypnotists, Zhineng Qigong Level 2 Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher since 1993, certified herbalist trained at Motherland Botanical Sanctuary and Herb School, Willits CA, and a visual artist and tattooist, having run her own tattoo shop in Middletown for 5 years. She has taught, presented and performed in such places as Ions Santa Rosa, National Guild of Hypnotists Educational Conference, Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium, Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, Massage Therapy Institute Davis, Middletown Massage and Herb Collective, Unity Church and provides services as a sound healer at Crestwood Center for Behavioral Health. Ellen has been living and working in Middletown since 1997.
Richard Bock – Quantum Light Breath and Water Dance Facilitator

Richard Back Profile Picture

Richard Bock, has carried the candle for Quantum Light Breath since 1992, maintaining a practice in both Breathwork and Aquatic Bodywork. He was a longtime student of the late Jeru Kabbal a mystic who is the originator of the QLB combining the profound effects of Breathwork and Vippassana.

Quantum Light Breath is a guided breath meditation experience with live music and gentle guidance that brings you back to yourself and out of the mind’s chatter. Participants often experience “awakening” to the presence of awareness, to the ecstasy of the body, and to the joy of living.