Gratitude Even In Grief

Spiritual meaning from the New Siddur Hadash. 

Media Judaica

It is not God’s role to spare us suffering but to help us bear it.

When the visitation we dread finds us, we do well to ask for the strength which will uphold us, for the insight which will reveal new wisdom to us, for the special power which will transform our suffering into a source of blessing. And to such  prayer there is always an answer….

Something precious has been taken from us, and we think of it as something we have lost, instead of something we have had. We sense only how empty our lives are now; we forget how full they were before; we forget the many days and years we shared.

We praise God for our treasures while we have them. Shall we cease to praise God when they are gone? For God never gives but only lends. What is life itself but a loan? “Everything,” said the Sages, “is given in pledge”.

Let us consider the days which have passed not a loss, but as gain- the gain which comes with new courage, with a greater awareness of life’s duties and possibilities.

Written by Morris Joseph (adapted).