Healing the Land Rituals


Planting and Preening                                                                                               Help us help others


— The gathering will be in Anderson Springs at Julie Wolf’s home  —

  • Walking on the land 
  • Cleaning & burning 
  • Pot luck &  bonfire 
  • Drumming Circle 
A gathering of people are welcome to the land to participate in a planting and preening for Mother Earth there. A bonfire, meal and celebration will be happening after this effort towards healing the burned Earth.
  • Invoking Mother Earth 

We will be asking Mother Earth, the Great Grandmothers and all creatures for help, ceremonially, to heal the wounds of the land destroyed by the great Valley Fire.

Julie Wolf has several small trees to plant, many seeds, and some transplanting can occur while the Earth is still wet from rain and the plants are just awakening from dormancy.
This event is rain or shine, barring nasty winds or snow. If you have not planted before, training will be on hand. We are trying to give back to a land that has provided us with so much healing for so many years.
  1. These are pot-luck gatherings in the out-of-doors, dress warmly and wear boots in case of rain and mud.
  2. There will be a bonfire for warmth and little else.
  3. If you want to bring musical instruments, please know it will assist the ceremony enormously!
  4. Bring your joy, your hopes for the land, and some candles.
Love and hugs, Julie Wolf
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