Mardi Storm Breathwork TM

mardi-storm-profile-pictureMardi Storm is a Soul Work Guide and Artist, offering SoulCentric Breathwork TM and Painting. She’s offered deep diving healing work for over 14 years, was certified as a Clarity Breathwork practitioner 12 years ago, is an International Academy of Consciousness graduate, a Lightbody graduate, a certified Massage Therapist and more. She has a lifetime of mystical experiences, and is devoted to a path of expanding soul consciousness. She is a published and public artist. She really enjoys helping others to heal into wholeness, ignite their creativity, and and supporting transformation and awakening.

SoulCentric Breathwork TM is a gentle process that helps bring deep healing on a somatic and soul level. It can help create a sense of calm, clarity, embodied feelings of well-being, joy, freedom, and connection. It helps access the deeper truth of your being.

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