Napa Valley Retreats


H e a l i n g      P r o g r a m s                                                                                Help us help others 

While most people have heard of post-traumatic stress, not everyone recognizes it. Many people suffer without being aware of it. Symptoms include intrusive memories, flashback, and nightmares; denial, avoidance and escape through drugs, alcohol, and social media; feeling aggressive, irritable, easily startled or hypervigilant; or changes in personality and behavior.

Transformation by Fire has created several healing programs to support survivors of the Fires and other natural disasters. These programs are intended to provide a ‘sacred space’ where people can share their grief and losses, begin to release their pain and trauma, and begin rebuilding their lives and connections.

The programs will include time to share feelings and experiences; and transformative practices such as breathwork, meditation, movement, emotional release and sound therapies. People have different needs and heal in different ways, and so a menu of healing practices will be offered. These programs are scheduled on the weekends.

Our next community healing retreat is taking place:

When: Saturday


Where: Calistoga


Cost: All retreats are offered by donation.

(date and location will be determine).

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