Rachel Eyrn Kalish M.C.



Rachel Eryn Kalish, M.C. has 30 years of experience working with groups in all stages of anguish, conflict and change.  She has worked effectively with a wide range of businesses and not for profit organizations, with families and communities, and with individuals.

Her own experience with profound loss, spiritual grounding, compassion and practical wisdom have facilitated groups moving from being overheated or shut down to becoming vibrant, engaging and connecting where love and care are liberated and new action is possible. As a certified mediator, Rachel Eryn was the lead facilitator and thought partner in the Year of Civil Discourse, the Bay Area’s pioneering public engagement project that has made lasting and transformational change to the conversation about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She is also a certified meditation teacher and has had a daily meditation and prayer practice for decades.

Rachel Eyrn can be reached through WorkPlaceconnections.com or at 415-289-7079.