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We are holding  community healing retreats on the following days!

Middletown C. Center/ Lower Lake Museum /SR-Beth Ami/Town of Sonoma
Sat.(10 a- 5 p)/ Sat.(11 a-3:00 p)/ Sun.(10:30 a -5:30 p)/ Sun.(1 a-5 p)

   April 7     /        March 24        /       May 20                    / Coming in April

We are offering a series of healing programs giving folks the time and space to grieve their losses, recover and rebuild their lives and communities.




Each retreat (one day program) will include time to reflect and meditate, live music, movement & sound therapies, grief rituals, trauma release and resilience-building.

To register, email us:   events@transformationbyfire.org 
For any question you may have please contact us!!!
  1. A gourmet vegetarian lunch will be served. 
  2. All retreats are offered by donation.
  3. To RSVP & receive more details on our upcoming  events  please email us: events@transformationbyfire.org 

Our upcoming healing programs scheduled at different locations and community centers in North Bay (Napa, Sonoma, Mendicino and Lake Counties) CA.

We are inviting all those affected by the fire and other losses to a Healing Retreat. This day will be an opportunity to heal, with time for sharing, dialogue, sound and emotional healing, EFT tapping, music and drumming.
Transformation by Fire is supported by a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to supporting all those affected by fires, their friends, and family members.
Transformation by Fire is supported by a non-profit  “Forum For A Changing America“.

Our home is an intimate form of self-expression, what Carl Jung called a ‘symbolic mirror’ of the inner self. It is also an extension of ourselves: an expression of who we are and how we hold ourselves. Losing one’s home can be a shocking and traumatic event, that can upset and threaten our very sense of self.

But whether you’ve lost your home, or not, we’ve all experienced many losses throughout our lives: losses of home, health, careers, parents, and relatives, friendships etc. Grieving our losses is a time-honored way of acknowledging our losses, feeling the pain of separation, and renewing our bonds with families, communities, and self. It is in and through relationship, through a greater community, that we grieve, grow, and find healing, meaning, and re-connection.

Below you can read about our previous workshops:

1. Out of The Shadows Into The Light Workshop

August 5, 2017, Middletown

Tantric dance is a powerful and sensuous means of accessing the God/Goddess within you. This dance is fun, easy, and also mesmerizing to watch as it unleashes and activates your potential tantric energy. Participants often experience deep and powerful healing and transformations as well as the sense that old and trapped energies and patterns are becoming released and unstuck.

This is a tantric initiation through dance. Introducing the ancient Dance of the Tarantella, a powerful ancient dance known to heal and release grief, anger, depression, and disease. This dance was created by the ancient shamans of Athens to heal a suicide epidemic among the women at that time.

Tantric dance was performed by the priestesses of the ancient civilizations such as Greece, India, Egypt, Bali, and others. The goal of this dance was to heal, to initiate, to break free of negative emotions and patterns, and to access the divine powers, healing, and beauty that resides within all of us.

We compassionately understand the importance of feeling connected as a community, while experiencing powerful cycles of emotions such as pain, grief, disbelief, denial, anger, and the high emotions of liberation, renewal, and creativity… We are offering a series of healing programs giving folks the time and space to grieve their losses, recover and rebuild their lives and communities.
            2. A Sound Space For You To Receive The Universal Healing Energies
April 8, 2017, Hidden Valley Lake

Sound Healing Workshop

We live in an infinite ocean of energy, which different traditions refer to as Prana, Chi, Ki, Mana, or Universal Energy. Every cell in our bodies is comprised of and filled with this energy. The energy expresses itself through vibrational currents. The lush vibrational beauty of sound healing serves as a medium to connect with these universal energies, bringing calm and balance to the nervous system, brain, heart, and every cell of the body. Benefits include increased peace and calm, relief from fight or flight response, pain reduction and increased comfort, and the potential for very targeted approaches to balance and increased healing times for specific body systems, using frequencies. Through experiencing sound healing we can easily and quickly switch states, moving from worries and stress into a greater sense of well-being beyond words. Sound Healing serves as an excellent approach to spiritual healing and wholeness.

  • We are offering these workshops for all who are impacted by Lake County Fires
  • Please consider donating a financial contribution to support this healing work.
  • Lunch (Vegetarian meals), snacks, coffee and tea are included…

    We value your feedback and we would appreciate if you consider sharing your experience with us. Several grant program providers asked how are we going to know if our healing program is successful?  This is optional for all participants, and we honor people’s chooses!!!  

If you are not impacted by the fires and you want to attend one of our healing programs, you are welcome! We offer a sliding scale. Please go to the donation page to support our work. Thank you for your kind support.

Please consider this offering for yourself, as well as for
the ones you love.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Manaar Azreik


Transformation by Fire is supported by a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to supporting those affected by fire and other natural disasters.  

We would like to thank everyone who planted the seed of Transformation by Fire at Four Springs Retreat Center (Middletown CA).

We are deeply appreciating you for sharing your gifts and for your loving presence. November 6, 7 & 8, 2015 and November 28, 2015 were fantastic weekend retreats.

With Every Body
(Rajyo Markmen, John Freedom, Sequoia Lyn- James, Manaar Azreik, Julie Wolf, Debora Granja, Charles Von Husen, Christina Hamilton, Jenniefer Tucci, Ava Kennedy, Elen Maroh, Evens Sandler and David Hamilton).