Sequoia Lyn Co Founder

Co- Founder of Transformation by Fire and Consultant 

Sequoia is the Founder and Consultant of The Radiant Life Center

Sequoia’s passion for the natural world initiated her quest to work with Aromatic Plants, Herbs and Nutrition. She began her profession in 1987 as an Esthetician and Aromatic Botanical Formulator. She expanded her interests to cross cultural Myths, Archetypes and Astrology, which brought her to the mystic traditions of the Tree of Life, where she received a Counselor Certification from The Tree of Life Teachings School in Redwood City California.  

Sequoia’s very own healing crisis brought her the deepest gifts of all.  She now guides others in meditation, movement and spontaneous chanting practices, to unify the Soul’s knowing with the body’s remembrance.

Her joyful heart is expressed through dancing, drumming and storytelling.