“Thanks Manaar and John of “Transformation By Fire” for your wonderful, day-long, holistic healing workshop. Thanks for your dedication to healing and assisting our community and for your service, talents, and skills.

For the past three years, I’ve gone through a challenging process of dealing with my parents passing, losing my family home,and being forced to move three times. This took a toll and left me feeling exhausted emotionally and stressed financially.

As the powerful workshop progressed, I began releasing stress and worry. I began feeling uplifted, energized, rejuvenated, and more optimistic. I began feeling more fully alive and happy for the first time in a long time!

Thanks for providing the cozy and comfortable space in which the participants could safely explore and express our thoughts and our feelings.  For those who wished to do so, we shared our experiences openly with the group who had compassion and respect for one another.  We agreed to keep everything confidential, which is an important aspect of the sharing and caring process.

As a holistic health researcher and writer myself, I enjoyed each of the healing modalities you used during the day,  including the beautiful crystal bowl healing frequencies, chanting, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping), drumming circle, and dancing.

Thanks also for the delicious, nutritious, and nurturing lunch that was generously provided by a local restaurant.

Looking forward to attending your healing workshops and fun events in the future and I will encourage others to attend.

Thanks again!”

Pam J. / Lake County, CA 

* “Attended this event in December and was so glad I did. After a full day of music, dancing, yoga and addressing acupressure points in the company of some wonderful people I felt rejuvenated and relaxed. Did I mention the wonderful gourmet vegetarian lunch that was provided? Thank you Manar and the other health providers who put on this healing event. ”

Carolyn Graham/ Hidden Valley Lake, CA

* “ As a regular participant of TbF, I have benefited beyond anything I could have imagined. Through this program, and the sacred space that is so tenderly held by Manar and the other volunteers, I am healing wounds to unimagined depths within my being. In these deep wounds I have been able to transform anguishing pain into greater depths of love.

I am in full support of this program for others who have been through a traumatic experience and who would like to heal themselves to a greater depth. ”

Elisabet B. / Hidden Valley Lake, CA

* “I attended a workshop 2 weeks ago.”Transformation by Fire.” I was really at the bottom of the bottom, in my entire body and soul, couldn’t make myself go anywhere or do anything, without a HUGE amount of effort. I got to actually see people, whom I had never met before, share their grief, pain, loss, anger, frustration, and guilt. It was personal, but calm. There were different modalities used for PTSD, (which a lot more of us have than we realized). Meditation, dialogues, tapping, music and yes, even dance. Sounds kind of funky, right…  I would have been the LAST one to ever voluntarily go to something like this…

“Well, guess what? I experienced a calming, a grounded feeling. It was immensely helpful, learning how to meditate and be “still,” I mean really still. To listen, really, really listen. No iPhone, no iPad, no pretense, no makeup, no shoes. It was very powerful. And yes, a transformation is in process! But LOL, I am going to be OK…  “Transformation by Fire” helped me get back in touch with what is really important.

I hope all of you affected by the fires, will give “Transformation by Fire” some consideration. ”

Celia Hoberg / Cobb, CA 

* “Transformation by Fire Retreat was an incredibly healing experience for me. By sharing in the circle with others also in grief, we were able to support each other in our healing process. I felt held, understood and cared for… ”

Debora G. / Oakland, CA

* “My home, shop and all my surrounding 22 acres of wooded land were destroyed by the Valley Fire on September 12, 2015.

I attended Transformation by Fire a few months after the fire, expecting only               to hear the same stories retold about loss and anxiety…  Three days later I was sad to see everyone depart as I had actually experienced profound healing, grace, and       heartfelt communications from friends I had never met before. I learned ongoing         techniques to take home and continue to use, techniques for calming my PTSD, my   helpless thoughts of despair, and my sense of isolation…

I would absolutely highly recommend any fire survivors to attend these                “Transformation by Fire” seminars and gatherings.”

Julie Wolf / Anderson Springs, CA


* “ I am grateful to have attended a shamanic dance workshop the beginning of August 2017 facilitated by Manar Azreik and Reginah Perlmutter. This was a unique and powerful experience and I found the exploration of shamanic dance extremely grounding, relevant and healing.

I would attend this workshop again….. ”

Justine Batie / Bikram Yoga Lake County, CA

* “It was a wonderful group, which helped me focus my feelings and go through a multi-faceted healing process with others in the community.”

   Evan Sandler / Harbin Hot Springs, CA

* “After the Valley Fire All I could do was think about the people & what can I do to help. I knew I had to help the way the people helped me for 6 years….  What Transformation by Fire reminded me was we don’t have to do it alone.  I could describe the Retreat like I describe Harbin  —-Warm love.   Any other words would not give it justice”.  

                                                                                                                           Charles Von Husen / Vallejo, CA